The Manager’s Toolkit

This two-day programme has proven highly popular with both new and existing managers. It offers a great foundation in management and explores in highly practical ways the many aspects involved with a managerial role. As part of the programme we look at how to manage others to achieve results, including a systematic approach to delegation; and an appreciation of the key interpersonal skills involved in dealing with teams and individuals.

This is an excellent programme for any manager looking to expand on their existing skills, learn new approaches and ultimately lead their teams to higher productivity and overall success.

We are also delighted to offer a version of The Manager’s Toolkit which has been specifically adapted to be run entirely online.

Who Should Attend?

– New managers
– Existing managers who may have had limited training
– Individuals about to move into a managerial role or looking to progress into one

Format Available

– Two full days
– Virtual in 3 x 3-hour sessions

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