Team Coaching

Today’s Teams Face Multiple Challenges

Teams today are working in a very different environment. You’ve had to adapt to many new ways of doing business and team-working, on top of the usual challenges and opportunities.

Your teams may have had to work remotely over the last two years and may now be juggling hybrid working or adjusting to returning to the office. Teams may have lost and gained members and roles may have changed.

Team coaching focuses on group development such as shared goals and upskilling employees for building high performing teams. It can also be useful for newly formed or restructured teams, supporting people through change, managing and solving conflict, aligning priorities and creating or defining team culture.

Future Proof Learning’s team coaching ensures that your teams work as effectively as possible so that they can realise their full potential. You’ll see both quick improvements and long-lasting impacts.

Team Coaching

Our team coaching is designed for:

  • Developing high performing teams or high potential teams.
  • Teams looking to improve their collective communication.
  • Teams performing under pressure and through change.
  • Teams looking to develop collaboratively.
  • Virtual and hybrid teams who need better engagement.

The Benefits of Team Coaching

Team coaching is all about:

  • Identifying goals and priorities, while aligning individual and team goals.
  • Building trust and confidence in your team.
  • Encouraging greater collective awareness.
  • Breaking down silos and managing conflicts.
  • Working collaboratively to overcome barriers.
  • Improved team cohesion and performance.
  • More effective virtual and hybrid working
  • Nurturing commitment to the team’s and each other’s success.

How happy and productive are your remote teams? What changes need to be made to improve collaboration and compensate for fewer face-to-face meetings? Your team leaders need to know how to encourage healthy conflict and sharing responsibilities to increase productivity.

What Team Coaching does Future Proof Learning provide?

  • Team diagnostic assessment.
  • 90 – 120 minute sessions with your own dedicated coach (or coaches), live or virtually.
  • The creation of a shared agenda.
  • Guidance on leading virtual and hybrid teams.
  • Understanding personality types, collaboration, building trust and resilience.

We have been coaching teams for many years and we fundamentally understand how teams work. We create a safe space for issues to be raised, addressed and tackled as a team.

Though much of our experience is with senior teams, we have coached teams at all levels and take great pride in our ability to adapt our approach to our clients’ needs.

Choose how you would like your individual coaching to be provided:

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