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Influencing Skills Training

Motivate Employees, Resolve Conflict and Improve Productivity

Organisations and teams can face many challenges: poor motivation, collaboration or productivity, challenging employees and unhealthy, unhappy cultures.

Our powerful influencing skills training programme will explore techniques and approaches required for successful influencing.

By enhancing your influencing skills, you will learn how to use different influencing styles, manage and motivate challenging employees, make confident use of conflict resolution skills effectively and create a positive impact on other members of your organisation.

Successful influencing can help colleagues collaborate more effectively, increase productivity and create positive and harmonious working relationships.

Looking to train online? Our skilled team has developed a new version of our Influencing Skills Training specifically for virtual audiences. This is run entirely online and condensed into three sessions of three hours each.

Influencing Skills Training

Our Influencing Skills training programme is for:

  • High potential individuals.
  • People looking to improve their influencing or negotiation skills.
  • Individuals about to move into a managerial role or looking to progress into one.

The benefits of our Influencing Skills training are:

  • Greater confidence in influencing situations
  • Opportunities to practice with others.
  • An expanded professional network.
  • Tools and techniques you can apply in your own workplaces.

What does Future Proof Learning provide?

  • Putting the skills to use in live influencing practice.
  • Working in collaboration with our experienced facilitators and other delegates.
  • A course workbook and practical, actionable takeaways.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Our Influencing Skills programme has an average feedback rating of 4.8/5.

“Excellent course, I learned a lot, very practical and useful for my wellbeing and achievements at work.”

“Highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their influence.”

“Facilitators were excellent, knowledgeable and insightful.”

You can choose how your Influencing Skills sessions are provided, face-to-face (eg in 2 full days) or virtually (eg in 3 x 3 hour sessions).

To find out more about our Influencing Skills programme, please contact us, book a call or schedule a free coaching session here with David, our Director.

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