360-degree Feedback is the term used to describe how an individual (the subject) seeks and receives feedback on his/her performance & behaviour from “all points of the compass”. It invites the people reporting directly into the subject. Their line manager, the peer group and other colleagues or relevant external stakeholders (known as the raters”) all complete a confidential survey where the results are collated, analysed and presented to the subject. The survey is usually based on a competency model or other set of standards of behaviour at work and provides the basis against which the subject’s approach can be measured.

Successful influencing can help colleagues collaborate more effectively, increase productivity and create positive and harmonious working relationships.

We have also created a new version of Pi2 specifically for virtual audiences, which is run entirely online and condensed into three sessions of three hours.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who wish to improve their self-awareness and how they impact on others. Also, any individual considering making some changes in their management or leadership style and wishing to have a reliable and credible framework to measure themselves against. It is also very useful for anyone taking part in Executive Coaching

Format Available

We are licensed to provide a range of these instruments. The reports are available in a highly accessible and readable format and we always provide analysis and feedback on the results. These vary in the length of time taken to complete but a useful benchmark is around 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time per “rater”. Virtually all of these materials are available via online

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