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We believe that organisations and their people need to become better at equipping themselves to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. And prepare more effectively.

Individual Coaching

Personal Tailored Development through Coaching

Many of us are too busy to focus on our own development, so it often takes a back seat to organisational demands or ends up as an afterthought, even during annual reviews.

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools for personal and professional development because the focus is on you.

Coaching enables insight, and builds self-belief and self-awareness.

Individual coaching focuses on your growth so it’s invaluable for anyone who wants to improve themselves.

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Individual Coaching

Team Coaching

Today’s Teams Face Multiple Challenges

Team Coaching

Teams today are working in a very different environment. You’ve had to adapt to many new ways of doing business and team-working, on top of the usual challenges and opportunities.

Teams may have lost and gained members and roles may have changed.

Team coaching focuses on group development such as shared goals and upskilling employees to produce high performance teams. It can also be useful for newly formed or restructured teams, supporting people through change, managing and solving conflict, aligning priorities and creating or defining team culture.

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The Manager’s Toolkit

Improving Management Skills

Our Manager’s Toolkit programme offers a great foundation in management. It explores in highly practical ways the many skills required in a managerial role, and is ideally suited for: managers promoted without formal training; high-potential staff; skilled technical staff; and managers without formal training.

We also offer a version of The Manager’s Toolkit which has been specifically adapted to be run entirely online.

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Management Skills Development Toolkit

Influencing Skills

Motivate Employees, Resolve Conflict and Improve Productivity

Influencing Skills Training

Organisations and teams can face many challenges: poor motivation, collaboration or productivity; challenging employees; and unhealthy, unhappy cultures.

You will learn how to use different influencing styles, manage and motivate challenging employees, resolve conflict, improve collaboration and increase productivity.

We have also developed a new version of our Influencing Skills specifically for virtual, online audiences.

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Learning & Development

Passionate about Your Learning & Development

The team at Future Proof Learning are incredibly passionate about helping you with your learning and development.

Recent areas of focus for other clients have ranged from compassionate leadership, emotional intelligence and project management, to staff retention and development, resilience and managing change and uncertainty.

We can also design programmes tailored to your specific needs.

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Learning and Development

Leadership Development

Invest in Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programme

We live and work in ever-changing times and many organisations have found that the role of their leaders is increasingly more challenging.

You may have been unable to invest sufficiently in leadership training and development, so some leaders feel underappreciated, underprepared, and undervalued.

Developing leadership capability and capacity at each level of an organisation’s structure is fundamental to organisational success. Without it, many organisations will struggle to survive in the future.

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