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Join Our 10-Week Positive Intelligence® Programme

Thank you if you attended our recent free Positive Intelligence® workshop and we hope you found it useful.

At Future Proof Learning we’re excited to be launching the Positive Intelligence® programme. This programme is focused on boosting mental fitness to prepare us for the many challenges and opportunities we face every day. It helps people learn techniques to become more self-aware, resilient, and confident. Brigid Whoriskey is an expert in Positive Intelligence®, and is leading this programme for Future Proof Learning, along with David Maltman.

People are generally less stressed, more productive, and more confident at the end. It’s aimed at identifying and dealing with our inner saboteurs – those negative thoughts and behaviours that hold us back – and activating the wiser, more effective part of your brain, your Sage. It was developed by Shirzad Chamine and his team at Stanford University.

More than 500,000 people from across 50 countries have already completed this programme including CEOs, business leaders, health teams, operations teams, elite athletes and students.

It is proven to increase your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset by…

  • Creating profound, lasting, change through short, sharp daily practice
  • Creating new neural pathways to build new habits
  • Boosting performance, improving peace of mind and enhancing relationships

The 10-week programme includes:

  • The diagnostic that identifies your inner saboteurs.
  • A one-hour onboarding session.
  • The Positive Intelligence app – a rich source of tools, exercises, and a community forum – and you can retain access for a year free of charge.
  • 1-hour long video each week for 7 weeks, featuring Shirzad Chamine focusing on a different aspect of building mental fitness
  • 15 minutes a day (spread throughout the day) of guided practice through the Positive Intelligence app. This regular practice embeds new ways of thinking and behaving, leading to lasting change.
  • 7 x weekly team coaching sessions (called pod sessions) facilitated by Brigid Whoriskey / David Maltman, which gives people accountability, support, motivation and deals with any questions or challenges.
  • 2 weeks of bonus videos to extend your learning.

Be Less Stressed, More Productive and More Confident

Positive Intelligence Programme 10 Weeks - Future Proof Learning

Future Proof Learning will run the programme with groups (called a pod) of 4-6 people. We can also run it for groups within companies.

We are taking enquiries now and will agree the start date with each group to suit their diaries.

Contact  Brigid Whoriskey or David Maltman using the Future Proof Learning contact form or email  if you are interested in joining our Positive Intelligence® Programme. Feel free to spread the word if you know anyone else who could benefit from turbo charging their mental fitness!

Improve Wellbeing

©Positive Intelligence

Boost performance with mental fitness

©Positive Intelligence

Strengthen relationships

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