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Think back to your last important meeting, the last job interview you had, or the last presentation you gave.

Did you feel completely satisfied with how it went? Or did you come away from it wondering how you could’ve shown your best self more effectively?

Many of us do not put enough thought and effort into showing up as our best selves. Even if we don’t recognise it at first, we can usually spot it on reflection.

By Becoming a Vital ‘Key Person of Influence’

In his book, ‘Key Person of Influence’, Daniel Priestley suggests that many people are split into two categories: functional or vital.

Functional people are important, because they show up, complete tasks and fulfil the requirements of their role.

Vital people are, funnily enough, vital because they go beyond just the minimum and they add real value to organisations and in relationships.

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with being functional and we might know a few people who fit the description. In fact, many high performers are functional and manage to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, but they are interchangeable and can be replaced if necessary.

On the other hand, vital people bring us value, they motivate us and we can’t do without them.

Taking yourself as an example, are you someone who is functional and keeps things ticking over or are you someone who is vital and whose contributions develop and enhance your organisation?

Fortunately, it’s not a forgone conclusion. Instead, it’s a choice we can make, to just do what’s necessary or to truly add value with our contributions.

KPI stands for ‘Key Person of Influence’ and is for people who want to make an impact and build fantastic lives and businesses. Daniel Priestley suggests you can achieve this through his 5 ‘Ps’:

  • Pitch
  • Publish
  • Product
  • Profile
  • Partnerships

Please join us by booking our webinar ‘Impact: Making it Personal’ now on Wednesday 20th July at 10 – 11 am to find out how you can overcome common setbacks and become a vital Key Person of Influence in your organisation and life.

If you want to learn even more about how to motivate your employees, resolve conflict and improve productivity, you might be interested to in our Influencing Skills Training.