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Coaching, Management Development & Training Case Studies

Carnival UK

Carnival UK, the UK’s leading cruise company, approached Future Proof Learning to run webinars for the personal and professional development of their employees over 18 months. These included: Productivity, Sleep, Assertiveness, Self-confidence, Compassion, Dealing with Difficult People, Managing Others and Improving Performance. 170 webinar and face-to-face sessions were successfully delivered to more than 1,300 executives.

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carnival-uk-logo future proof learning case study

Carnival UK Contact Centre

While successfully delivering Carnival UK’s webinar programme, Future Proof Learning were invited to deliver a Sales Training Programme for their contact centre team, which had gained a lot of new employees after the Pandemic. The highly practical 3 hours sessions covered First Call Resolution, Influencing, Confidence Building and Objection Handling. The feedback was excellent with weekly surveys demonstrating that skills and confidence had improved by 15-20%.

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carnival-uk-logo future proof learning case study

Crown Estate Scotland

Future Proof Learning has worked with the senior management team at Crown Estate Scotland since 2016. Initially, we were asked to develop greater cohesion within a small team who were facing some major challenges. We’ve also been engaged in some individual coaching, strategy sessions, productivity workshops, performance management and change management.

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Crown Estate Scotland Logo_Case Study

Renfrewshire Council

Following some restructuring at Renfrewshire Council and several new appointments, we were invited to work more closely with them as they embedded these changes.

Future Proof Learning has worked with this large and diverse Council for several years.

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Individual One to One Coaching for Renfrewshire Council

East Renfrewshire Council

Future Proof Learning’s support has included a full range of training, from skills workshops and management development programmes, to Heads of Service development and a leadership development programme called ‘Leaders for the Future’.

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Leadership Development for East Renfrewshire Council

NHS National Services Scotland

We have worked with National Services Scotland for a number of years to design and deliver an innovative and non-standard approach to provide managers with the tools, skills and confidence to improve their leadership skills. The overall objectives are to produce greater business efficiencies and become a more cohesive team.

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Team Coaching for NHS National Services Scotland
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