Our latest news – April 2021

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Our latest news – April 2021

Accessible Onboarding

We were recently commissioned by one of our long-standing clients to produce an onboarding guide for a new post which was created as a result of a major service restructure. While this is something we are very familiar with and have produced many times for previous clients, the approach we needed to take with this particular project was completely different and totally new to us. We were advised by the client that the audience for the guide would have an average literacy level of around 8 years-old, with some unable to read or write at all. The onboarding guide had to be extremely accessible – both in its language as well as format. At first, we were quite unsure of how we would create a guide which was accessible and digestible for all, without over-simplifying or patronising.

We worked with our graphic designer to come up with a new concept consisting of clean visual elements which would go hand-in-hand with clear and concise language as well as audio description of every written component of the guide. It was designed in such a way that it could be viewed on a device like a laptop, tablet or phone, or printed out to act as a physical handout. We worked very hard to avoid any complicated language – we discovered that striking the perfect balance of simple and effective language was actually quite difficult! So much so, we became a little obsessed with it. However, we feel that the work we dedicated to that really paid off.

The client ended up with a brand new concept which they had never used within the organisation before. They were pleased with the combination of clear language, sharp visuals and audio description which resulted in a highly effective and valuable resource for them to use, now and in the future.


Future Proof Ourselves – Webinar series

As you might know, we have been running fortnightly webinars since the beginning of lockdown. These have been very well received and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed running them. We particularly like that participants join in the discussion and offer their own thoughts and insights, which makes the sessions all the richer for everyone. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated – we really appreciate it.

We concluded the latest series of four sessions on 9th March. Throughout the series we covered Future Skills, Future Leaders, Future Workplaces and Future Teams. As you’ll see there was a theme and focus on the future. We had some insightful and interesting discussions around some expectations people have for the future and also presented some findings and statistic which showed us what we can prepare ourselves for.

By the end of the series, it was clear that we can expect there to be a considerable change to the way we work, expedited by COVID-19 and remote working for almost everyone, in some capacity. Leaders will need to adopt a more holistic approach to leading their teams, taking into consideration not just the working experience of the employee but more importantly, their life experience. Workplaces will not look massively different to how they do right now with many places adopting WFH more readily and embracing a more balanced working life between home-working and in the office. This will be accompanied by and will support more fluid and agile teams. We will also need to consider the way in which we re-skill and up-skill ourselves for the future as 50% of workers will need re-skilling by 2025 (World Economic Forum).

We have now launched a brand new series which kicked off this week with a fantastic session on Burnout. Lorna and David took us through a brilliant workshop on how to identify and manage it, both for ourselves and others. We came away with excellent ideas on how to avoid it, what signs to look out for and left feeling very calm and collected after practicing an amazing breathing technique to finish the session.

The following topics covered in this series will be Collaboration, Industry 4.0 and Clean Language, which is scheduled for 13th April at 10am. We hope to see you there!

Client News

As always, our clients are the most important part of our business and we love to be given new challenges and opportunities, which is happening more and more in these complex times! We prefer not to single people out but  would like to share with you below a sample of the types of work we have been carrying out.

New clients are welcome anytime and we are always delighted to hear from existing clients about new challenges. The list includes:

  • NHS Assure – running a number of large-scale team development events ahead of a restructure and the creation of this new public health body
  • Ofgem – designing and running a large number of on-line workshops as part of a drive to roll out a new performance management & development process
  • NHS NSS – providing specialist advice on converting face to face workshops for online use
  • UK Policing – designing and running transformational change workshops with senior and specialist staff for digital transformation of policing services
  • Renfrewshire Council – in addition to the article by Sunna, we continue to work closely with the Council in implementing their new service model
  • Universities Scotland – designed and run 2 new workshops on workload management & strategic selling, including Clean Language
  • West Lothian College – designed and launched a new Leadership Development Programme for the new Executive Team at the College
  • Education Scotland – new style influence programme to reflect remote working for Head Teachers
  • NHS NSS – continuing weekly webinars on change, morale & resilience
  • East Renfrewshire Council – continuing the Leaders for the Future programme that we converted to a digital platform, working with the Roads Team to roll out Management Development & Executive Coaching as well as designing some webinars for the Economic Development Team & their new strategy
  • NHS National Services Division – designing a major facilitated event on public health planning post pandemic
  • NHS NSS Finance – planning a series of Rocket Remote workshops to support their transformation programme

Thanks again to all the clients who provide us with such great opportunities to work with them and their teams. We are delighted to be able to continue working with you and to support you in your endeavours as always.

Our latest news

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Our latest news

Client News

All our clients genuinely matter to us in any year and we are extremely grateful for your support this year in particular. It’s therefore unfair to single people out but a key feature of this year has been in 2 distinct areas:

  • New clients that we have welcomed and,
  • New work carried out for existing clients

New clients are welcome anytime and it’s been great that people have come to work with us during lockdown and without us being able to do our usual visiting and networking. The list includes:

  • Scottish Government International Trade & Investment – a conference using Zoom in October
  • NHS ARHAI (Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection) – running a series of team development events
  • Dumfries & Galloway College – Executive Coaching & Facilitation of Team and Board sessions
  • Hutcheson Associates – Executive & Business Coaching
  • NHS National Services Division – conference OD session on resilience, morale & change
  • 1Let – Senior Team Development
  • Scottish Cities Alliance – Career Development Workshops
  • Scotland IS – team building using Rocket simulation

New work for existing clients includes:

  • Ofgem – Webinars & Career Development Workshops
  • Education Scotland – new style influence programme to reflect remote working
  • Universities Scotland – Team development & working group sessions
  • NHS NSS – weekly webinars on a variety of leadership topics
  • Renfrewshire Council – a variety of activities, including webinars, 121 coaching, facilitation of workshops & recruitment
  • CompanyNet – rebranding workshops

Product News

We have all learned a lot the past few months and particularly about the different ways that people learn and work in a remote workplace. The Future Proof Learning team have been putting this knowledge to use recently and have been designing and creating some exciting new products which can be delivered entirely online.

Firstly, we are delighted to announce that, in partnership with Manabu Learning, we have begun running virtual escape rooms! We have a series of games where teams of players must work together, communicate effectively and problem-solve their way through a number of challenges in order to escape. The games are designed to test your teamworking and communication skills as well as your ability to think outside of the box. The games are run on Zoom so you can access them from a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. Each event lasts no longer than two hours and we can accommodate groups of 8-80 people although we will require additional facilitators for larger groups. Christmas parties are not going to be the same as what we are used to so this could be a brilliant alternative to enjoy some well-earned festive fun together as a team. It could also be a great tool for providing some social interaction for staff which is highly sought after and hard to replicate in a virtual environment.

As you will have seen from our previous updates and our new website, we have been focusing heavily on redesigning our products and services to suit online working. Over the last few months, we have redesigned our training programme for the highly effective transformational change method AOD (Assured Outcome Delivery) to be run entirely online and remotely. Just this week, Willie has been running a session via Microsoft Teams for a large public sector organisation in England and the feedback has been very positive. The future of AOD online is very exciting and in conjunction with our partners at the Outcome Delivery Network, we’re hoping to roll out a series of these training sessions throughout 2021.

Our series of webinars has been running since April and we’ve really appreciated your contributions and kind feedback. Some of our clients have requested that we run some bespoke webinars in-house for their own teams and we’re delighted to say that these have also been very well received. We’re looking forward to starting the next set of webinars in the new year, so please do let us know if there are any topics you’d like us to cover.

If you would like to hear more about our services or to find out how we could help you and your organisation, please get in touch at

Team News

We have had a few changes in the team this year to update you on:

Denise Campbell – Denise re-joins the team properly, following her relocation from Yorkshire back to Leith. Welcome home Denise – it’s great to have you back!

Luke & Hazel Robertson – Luke & Hazel have been working with us to design and deliver the webinars this year and to contribute to our work on resilience and coaching. Delighted to be working with you both

William Redpath – Will joins us following our partnership with Manabu Learning to work with us on Virtual Escape Rooms and other Virtual Team Products. Exciting new frontiers of work Will!

While 2020 has been an unprecedented year it has not been all bad for the Maltman family! We were delighted when David and Laura announced they are expecting a baby in early 2021. Willie and Barbara are very excited about welcoming their first grandchild into the world and with the advent of the Covid-19 vaccine, it will hopefully be a safer world.

Future Proof Learning are also pleased to announce that David has recently been promoted to Associate Director and he is looking forward to taking on more of the leadership of the business overall.

The good news didn’t end there – we got a lovely surprise when our daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Craig announced their engagement in September. We now have a wedding to look forward to in August 2022 when Corona Virus will hopefully be a thing of the past. It will be the celebration of the century – music, dancing, hugging!! Life is good! 😊