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Carnival UK Contact Centre – Case Study

Delivering Contact Centre Sales Training at Carnival UK - Improving Skills & Confidence by 15-20%


After delivering the webinar programme for Carnival UK for almost a year, Future Proof Learning were asked in May 2022 to design and deliver a Sales Training Programme for their contact centre team.

The contact centre had undergone a lot of changes due to the Pandemic; there had been a high-level of turnover followed by a large influx of employees, who were new to the organisation and some new to working in sales.

The sessions were to be delivered online as the team worked remotely across the UK. They needed to be short, punchy and engaging, but there also needed to be quite a bit of follow-up to keep people engaged and encourage them to put the learning into practice.

This meant that Future Proof Learning had to create an entirely new style of programme, and to incorporate new media and technology, which was a fantastic challenge and a really exciting opportunity.

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Online Workshops - Sales Training, Follow Up Training & Support

We began by delivering the training to two cohorts of 10 people, running concurrently. The sessions were around 3 hours long, highly practical and balanced delivery of content with group participation. The sessions covered, for example:

  • First Call Resolution.
  • Influencing.
  • Confidence Building.
  • Objection Handling.

Following the live sessions, we created a 6-week email campaign which followed the themes covered in the training – we asked participants to rate their ability and confidence levels on several areas each week.

This meant that each week, we were designing and delivering new content, based on the participants’ specific needs and tracking their responses over time.


The feedback we received from the client and the participants at Carnival UK was excellent. We saw a genuine improvement in their confidence and abilities from their responses to the weekly surveys.

After the first two cohorts had completed their training, Future Proof Learning were asked if we could run the programme again for a further two groups.

This time staff from Carnival UK’s premium brand, Cunard, also participated. Although we followed a similar format, we customised the sessions and content for Cunard to reflect the brand’s different focus and language when communicating with customers.

Again, we were able to see the participants’ improvements over time and received more positive feedback.

Achievements at a glance:

  • 20% increase in participants’ ability to overcome objections.
  • 17% were more likely to ask for the business during sales calls.
  • 15% rise in their ability to use different influencing styles.


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