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Carnival UK – Case Study

Delivering Personal Development Webinars and Face-to-Face Training - 170 Sessions for over 1,300 Employees


Carnival UK approached Future Proof Learning, the leading Scottish executive coaching and people development consultants, in May 2021, to discuss running a series of webinars for the development of their employees.

Carnival UK is the UK’s leading cruise company and operates under P&O Cruises & Cunard. They “take enormous pride in creating unforgettable holiday happiness by bringing to life two of the most iconic brands from Britain’s rich seafaring heritage.”

Following a successful pilot of two webinar topics, Resilience and Productivity, Future Proof Learning were asked to design and deliver a programme of monthly webinars.

The brief was for these sessions to be an hour each, and very engaging so that Carnival UK’s employees would be enthused by their own professional development.

We needed to balance content delivery with audience participation. So, each session would include a presentation on the topic, followed by a discussion, as a whole group and in breakout groups.

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Webinars - Productivity, Sleep, Assertiveness, Self-confidence, Compassion, Dealing with Difficult People, Managing Others and Improving Performance

The webinars focused on personal development topics such as Productivity, Sleep, Assertiveness, Self-confidence, and Compassion.

We also included topics more related to professional development, such as Dealing with Difficult People, Managing Others and Improving Performance.

After delivering about 6 webinars per month for 8 months, Carnival invited Future Proof Learning to deliver some face-to-face sessions, at their head office in Southampton to help encourage employees to come back into the office for shared personal development.

We moved from monthly to 3 months hybrid programmes, with participants voting for suggested sessions. Carnival also asked us to run an extra session each month, where we repeated earlier popular topics, giving more employees the opportunity to participate.


During and after the Team Coaching, the team developed their ability to collaborate and support as well as challenge each other constructively, due to increased trust and understanding. Working closely together in a trusting and open way meant that they improved their strategic focus, as well as their capacity to challenge each other’s thinking more constructively.

Through coaching individuals, they learnt how to make more balanced contributions to senior management team meetings and agenda items became more collaborative.

We delivered 6-7 sessions per month for a period of around 18 months, and we saw over 1,300 participants over this period. The participants and client were incredibly pleased with what we had achieved. We received great feedback and testimonials. Hollie Sexton, a consultant on Carnival’s learning team, was our key contact during the project.

Achievements at a Glance:

  • Delivered 100+ virtual sessions over 18 months.
  • Delivered 33 hybrid sessions (face-to-face and online).
  • Created over 40 bespoke sessions.
  • Reached more than 1,300 participants.


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